• Brian Kelley

The Tin Fox Show

I hung my metal prints at the Tin Fox on August first, and you can see them there until September 30th. The Tin Fox is at 2616 Monroe St. Madison, WI 53711.

There was a great review of the Tin Fox in the Wisconsin State Journal, and it mentioned that they wanted to have local art on their walls. So I called and talked to Marissa Neal, mother of the chef, who was very nice, as I have found everyone I've met there to be.

I really like the place. I was hanging my photos, and I smelled something really incredible. Once I was finished with the display, I was going to say goodbye and I noticed something battered and deep fried on the bar. The waitress said I should try it. It was Pancake Battered Cheese Curds. Wow! I was blown away! Delicious! So go check out my stuff at the Tin Fox, have something wonderful to eat and enjoy!

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