• Brian Kelley

Behind the Scenes

Through a process of trial and error, I have finally discovered the printing and ​​finishing product for my images that I love.

I have all of my images printed with the best quality, aluminum-plate, dye-sublimation print service I could find. The finished pieces have 1/8 inch, rounded corners, black edges, and a mid-gloss finish that makes the surface look and feel like silk. The backs are black with an inset, black metal frame which brings the image away from the wall 3/4". They hang with a wire and have bumpers on the bottoms of the frame so they don't scuff the wall. I'm pleased if you like my images, and if you like the finishing as much as me, you will be dazzled.

The images in the slideshow on my homepage are printed at 14" by 20", 16" by 20", and I am currently experimenting with larger print sizes, but I'm not willing to sacrifice image quality, so if I don't completely love the 20" by 30" I'm expecting soon, I won't be offering to print at the larger sizes. That is until I get the capability to shoot super-high resolution. On my wish list is a camera, and you will soon see images taken with that camera. Ya hear me, magical, overweight, fluffy, Christmas burglar?

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