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Unpacking Images for Wyoming Valley School Photography Show!

They're here... And unpacking them is crazy fun! I have the prints for the photography show happening October 14th, 15th, and 16th, at the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center. On Facebook here. The building is great alone, and has recently been added to the National Register of Historic Places. It's a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building at 6306 State Highway 23, about 7 miles South of Spring Green. The first time I walked in, several years ago, I said that I want to have a show there, and now I am!

The Fall Art Tour is happening that weekend too, and the Wyoming Valley School CAC is right in the area, though not an official site on it. So, if you make it out, you can make a day of it and see all kinds of local art and artists all over the beautiful area! I've done this, and it is a really fun time.

My images don't require matting and framing. They are a beautiful, hangable, durable, frameless image, professionally printed on metal with a mid-gloss finish that cuts down on glare. They are 14" by 20" (and a couple at 16" by 20"), black-edged with an inset frame and wire hanger on the back. Unpacking these is Christmas for me!

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