An Art Photographer in Madison, WI, I've always enjoyed exploring and seeing things in new ways. I have found the camera frame a wonderful way to do this. And it allows me to share the beauty I discover with my printed images.

When I was young, I had a Kodak Instamatic 100 camera I loved to play with. At age 14 I took the Instamatic to Greece with my family and a group of students from the University of Wisconsin, where my father and step-mother taught. I did not have the obligations that my family and students had while in Athens, and I spent a lot of time exploring and taking pictures alone.

My world expanded. I developed an appreciation for history. I pondered the lives of people, places and things in a world so far from the one I had known. How people leave their mark on things, and how time and other natural forces cause those marks of man to become something new and different as they age. I began to watch for the working relationships between the patterns of mankind and nature. I now find that nature, humans and the confluence of pattern, creation and destruction of infinitely varying scale, can create unexpected beauty which I like to explore and share.

The honesty of being affected by life, purpose and the environment is thrilling to me. And it allows the experience of a realm of beauty, possibility, variety and vastness that is commonly missed or forgotten, and which I seek to bring back into our experience with my images.

Picture of Kodak Instamatic 100 camera. From Wikimedia Commons.
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