The Artist

Peter Brian Kelley is an Art Photographer in Madison, Wisconsin. His earliest memories are of a small farm which was previously owned by an Amish family. With access to few modern conveniences, he developed an intimate relationship with nature and simplicity. He noticed beauty in the seemingly ordinary — beauty often missed in the distraction of the additional presumption and expectation that we add to life. He observed how nature erases and transforms machines and structures, and the incredible patterns and colors which can result.

His first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 100. At age 14 he took it to Greece with his family and several students from the University of Wisconsin. Without the same obligations of the others while in Athens, he spent a lot of time exploring and taking pictures. The vast history of Greece expanded his awareness of the time scale of nature and the relatively recent influence of humans
. As he explored, his appreciation of patterns caused by time and environment on man's creations grew.

Brian worked for many years as a Newsroom Imaging Technician at the Wisconsin State Journal where he worked with visual journalists. This inspired him to add storytelling to his photographic style. Through photographic images he tells a story of great expanses of time, reactions of materials to their environment and natural forces, expressed in vivid color and pattern.

Picture of Kodak Instamatic 100 camera. From Wikimedia Commons.

Kodak Instamatic 100

Brian on the roof of the Hotel Neon Kronos, now Jason Inn, Athens, Greece. 1984.

Laundry at sunset, hung to dry on the roof of of the Hotel Neon Kronos, now Jason Inn, Athens, Greece. 1984.